Burt Josephson's SmartPix4U
Burt Josephson's SmartPix4U
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The Photo Artist

Burt Josephson is our photo artist. 
Burt used only an iPhone for all his photos at SmartPix4U!
Starting with an iPhone4 about 10 years ago, moving up to an iPhone6 and now with an iPhoneX. Great photos with great cameras!
Here are Burt's own words about his photos: 
"I am able to find beauty in the world everywhere I go. When I find it, I love capturing it in a photo. Since I got my first simple camera when I was 11, I've been taking photos. It must be in my blood, since my father was also an avid amateur photographer, taking color slides in the early 40's with a 35mm camera and home movies with an 8mm camera in the 50's. I've used a Nikon in the past, with dials and technical adjustments, but the fun of an iPhone is how easy it is to use.  I'll keep on taking photos as long as I can, finding beauty in the world, adding to my collection and sharing them with everyone who likes them."
We hope you enjoy these photos as much as Burt enjoyed taking them!